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    Welcome.  I'm really glad you found the site and grateful that you have chosen to spend some of your time here.  Things get changed regularly so check back often for updates.  Relax, spend some time, and let’s enjoy one of our favorite subjects together.  As you browse though the site, I hope you find something you like.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


Some Philosophy

    Sometime, someplace in the long forgotten past, someone discovered that a chip of flint or obsidian would cut.  The first knife had been put to use.  Our friend had set the stage for the ultimate advancement of mankind

    Those first flakes soon became works of art as stone knives, arrowheads, spear points, and any number of other items necessary in daily life.  In the fullness of time, stone was replaced by metal; copper and bronze then iron and finally steel.  The knife may not have been the first tool used by man but it is arguably the most useful and is probably mankind's most beloved tool.  It's because of the knife that early humans were able to expand their horizons beyond just the equatorial regions of the earth and into the more temperate climates.  It might even be argued that the steel blades allowed the industrial revolution to ultimately take place.

     Through it all, the blade has been neutral.  A knife is simply a tool that is designed to do work.  In today’s society, many people only think of a knife as a “weapon”.  They never stop to think about the knife they used to make dinner last night, or to mow the lawn, or to prepare the pattern for a new suit of clothes, or in any number of other types of work.  Granted, a knife can surely be used as a weapon but it is only a weapon of last resort.  If it comes to that, you probably should have made different plans for the day.  Any tool that can be used for work can be used as a weapon.  They weren’t designed for that purpose either.

    There probably is no perfect knife, but a properly chosen and designed knife will do what you want it to do and will do it very well.  Whether you are hunting, fishing, handling chores around the house, or on a trek through the backwoods or across the prairie, a good knife can be a trusted and welcome companion.

Home    The Knives    Gallery / Available    About the Maker    Contact    My Turn     Links